RCHE Membership Guidelines

  1.  Register with the State of Kansas as a non-accredited private school and abide by state regulations as they pertain to non-accredited private schools.  (For more information visit www.ksde.kansas.gov)
  2. Member students may not be enrolled in any K through 12 school, virtual, or physical, that receives government funding. (i.e. Elkhart Virtual School, Pleasantview Academy, Yoder Charter School, etc).  Students may enroll and take concurrent classes through the local colleges.
  3. Membership is limited to students in grades K through 12.
  4. Take responsibility to sign up for field trips, parties, and other events and to pay any fees required to insure a place on that field trip, etc., unless other arrangements are made with the event coordinator.
  5. RCHE is a “cooperative group” and as such depends upon the various abilities and gifts of its members.  Therefore, members should plan to be involved in the planning or assisting with at least one event per school year.
  6. Seek the prior approval of an event facilitator before inviting guests to a RCHE scheduled event.
  7. Dress appropriately for each RCHE event (i.e. no offensive language on T-shirts, no torn or dirty clothing).  Modesty is expected in regard to length of skirts, tops, and shorts.
  8. Assume full responsibility for the safety of their child(ren), and to hold harmless the event coordinator/RCHE should an accident/injury occur.
  9. Be present with their child(ren) at each RCHE event in order to offer assistance to the adult in charge and assume responsibility for the discipline of their child(ren).  This responsibility may be delegated to another RCHE member adult.
  10. Begin and end an event on time when in charge of an event, and arrive promptly and leave within an appropriate length of time following any event.
  11. Come prepared to give an effective presentation if given the responsibility to organize an event and to take responsibility to gather all necessary items, give adequate instructions, secure a location, etc.
  12. Focus on encouraging one another in the common goal of educating children at home, rather than focusing on the differences that naturally occur within a group consisting of families from various backgrounds and denominations.
  13. The RCHE recognizes the following definitions for home education:
    1. Curriculum that is selected by the parents and taught in the home by the child(ren’s) parents or other family member.
    2. Classes that are taught in small group settings (i.e. cooperatives) taught by the children’s parents or by another parent.
    3. Online instruction from a privately funded school.
    4. Concurrent classes taken through the local college to help complete graduation requirements for high school.
    5. Home education is not

i.      Attendance in K through 12 school either public or private

ii.      Enrollment in a public virtual school.

iii.      Continuing education for students who have completed the 12th grade.


  1. 14.   RCHE Code of Conduct (for parents and students):  Each RCHE member agrees to conform to the following Code of Conduct:
    1. To show respect to other people and property in language, behavior, and attitude at all RCHE events.  Show respect to RCHE by representing it in a positive manner
    2. Parents take responsibility for the behavior of your child(ren) and their whereabouts at all RCHE functions.
    3. To utilize physical discipline only in private.
    4. To Show respect and consideration of others by listening quietly when a presentation is given.
    5. To respect the religious beliefs and practices of others.
    6. To refrain from bringing children showing symptoms of illness to any RCHE activity.